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Everybody has their favorite halloween horror movies, but the best halloween movies are not just scary, they have atmosphere. These movies take place at night, often in an old house with distressed people battling monsters, zombies, or the supernatural.

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Night of the Living Dead - The movie begins in a graveyard and the first kill occurs almost immediately when Johnny falls to a zombie. His sister takes refuge in an old deserted house. A few other desperate souls turn up and more and more zombies come to share in the feast until the shocking crescendo. An all time classic Zombie film.

When a Killer Calls - A baby sitter is alone in a house when a killer begins to stalk her. A modern thriller in the style of the original classic horror movie Halloween!

Horror Hotel - A student goes to a New England town to research witches. She finds out that the cult of witches is still alive and well.

Messiah of Evil - An artsy, coastal California town is the scene of this suspenseful zombie thriller. California swingers and art provide a suspenseful counterpoint for this zombie movie.

House on Haunted Hill - A big haunted house full of horrified people who must survive for one night. The ultimate Halloween atmosphere film.

Bloody Pit of Horror - A group of models arrive in an old mansion for a photoshoot. A homicidal lunatic begins to kill them off one by one. Each kill is done by a new method until we finally end up in the underground torture chamber.

Nightmare Castle -Atmospheric, big old mansion, with ghosts and murder. Perfect for background movie during a party.

Lady Frankenstein - The daughter of Dr. Frankenstein continues his experiments and her creation goes on the rampage. A big old mansion, worthy monster, Victorian décor and extravagant costumes make for a great horror movie.